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Love Talent


Jaime Love started her career in 1999 by overseeing the production of print campaigns and TV commercials in Toronto, Canada. Following years of collaboration with talent and art directors, she transitioned to work on their behalf as a print and commercial agent.
Six years into her career as an agent, Jaime was presented with an extraordinary opportunity to use the production skills she had developed earlier in her career and she began collaborating with notable figures such as the Kardashian's, Demi Lovato, Mario Lopez, and many others. While she found it exhilarating to work alongside some of the biggest stars of the time, Jaime's heart remained loyal to her role as an agent.
She decided to make one final career change, harnessing her innate talent for nurturing, Jaime co-founded an agency in Los Angeles. Over the course of more than half a decade, she dedicated herself to establishing it as one of the city's most prosperous and highly regarded boutique agencies.
Today, Jaime Love's latest venture involves applying all the knowledge and experience she gained through her partnerships to embark on solo ownership. This signifies the birth of Los Angeles' newest and most exceptional boutique talent agency: Love Talent Agency.
Love Talent
Before embarking on her career in the fast-paced world of talent representation, Alexa spent 5 years as a flight attendant in Canada. During this time, she had the privilege of traveling to destinations worldwide, where she was able to meet a wide array of unique and diverse individuals. This experience has granted her a valuable perspective that she now brings to her role as Love Talent's Print Agent.
Alexa is determined every day to leverage her strong work ethic and professional skills in furthering the development of some of the most exceptional and diverse talent Los Angeles has to offer. She approaches her work with enthusiasm and is motivated to uphold the family tradition at LTA while continuously striving for personal and professional growth within the agency.
Love Talent
Danny, a Los Angeles native, has always wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. His passion took root during high school when he spent his evenings not only playing ice hockey but also arranging performances for his friends' bands on the renowned Sunset Strip.
During his time at Cal State University Northridge, he pursued studies in TV/film production and management, simultaneously delving into internships that spanned the spectrum of the entertainment world. It was while interning and working at Principal Entertainment fresh out of college that he discovered his true calling, working closely with actors. This experience left him hungry for more and eventually led him to JPA/The Group Management.
At JPA, he took charge of the kids' commercial division, collaborating with a diverse range of clients in the TV and film industry. When he's not dedicating his time to advancing his clients' careers, you can find Danny at the beach, hitting the slopes during the winter, attending concerts, sporting events, or indulging in the rich culinary scene that Los Angeles has to offer, particularly the city's top taco and sushi restaurants.
Love Talent
Victoria's involvement in the acting world began in her early years. She pursued her passion by studying acting at Emerson College and the Stella Adler Studio. However, five years ago, she made a significant shift into the realm of talent representation.
Today, at Love Talent Agency, Victoria plays a vital role, assisting in both the commercial and print departments. Her true passion lies in supporting and championing actors, making their show business dreams a reality.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Victoria cherishes spending quality time with her family and her furry companion, her dog. She finds solace and joy in desert adventures and has a penchant for adorning herself in vintage clothing sourced from various corners of the world.